Fallen Spirit Official

My name is Simon, born in July of 1981 in Kingston upon Hull in the United Kingdom. I have been happily married since September 2017. I currently work six days a week full-time at my local fruit market. In 2020 during the first national COVID-19 lockdown, my wife and I joined TikTok.

Amazed at how much fun and creative people were on the app, we attempted to create content ourselves and grew to appreciate the effort and commitment people put into bringing joy to others and themselves. Soon after we started seeing cosplay content and were amazed at how creative the cosplay community was, this intrigued us, and so we tried it for ourselves. We were instantly immersed in the cosplay community, realizing just how much fun it could be and how supportive the community itself was.

Since becoming a cosplay creator, I have strived to improve and hone my skills and in some aspects I have succeeded. Over time since I started creating several unique characters, I tried my hand at Ultraviolet content by using a black-light and UV reactive paint, which is how my current characters were born.

On a weekly basis, I create new content to entertain my followers both old and new. Creating content is a release for me by giving me a chance to be someone other than myself and I love every minute of it.